Programs of Scale

Programs of Scale

Malaria is a formidable foe: Responsible for 50% of all infant deaths and 20% of all maternal deaths in Zambia. On March 9th, 2021, Rotary International, World Vision, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced the launch of Rotary’s first Program of Scale, Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia, a $6 million investment to train, equip and deploy 2500 Community Health Workers in Zambia. Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia will strengthen the national health system by working closely with local health officials and health facility staff, scaling up Rotary’s successful work in the Copperbelt Province to reduce malaria by 90% in two additional Zambian provinces.

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Malaria Partners International (MPI) is a Rotarian-led organization advocating for malaria elimination. As an independent 501(c)(3), we have created strong strategic partnerships within Rotary and in the global health community. Our partners include PATH/MACEPA, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Vision, Pilgrim Africa, Alliance for Malaria Prevention, Malaria No More, the President’s Malaria Initiative, and the Peace Corps. Since 2009, when MPI was founded, we have facilitated dozens of anti-malaria projects in nine nations and, through that work, have developed strong relationships with leadership at Ministries of Health and national malaria elimination programs throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Early in the Programs of Scale process, Malaria Partners International began discussions with two of our key partners, World Vision and the Gates Foundation, about how we might collaborate with Rotary to leverage Rotary’s $2M investment for greater scale and sustainability. Those discussions, which took place over many months, led to a commitment from both partners that they would match Rotary’s investment to create a $6 million program.

Every day I witness firsthand the effects of malaria. This program demonstrates that Rotarians are true partners in our communities and are focused on supporting community health workers to help loosen the grip malaria has on the people of Zambia.

Martha Lungu, Executive Director – MPZ

Led by the Rotary Club of Federal Way Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia will relieve over 1.3 million Zambians from the burden of malaria, bringing together Rotary clubs across the U.S. and Zambia to provide community-based malaria education, testing, and treatment. Malaria Partners International is proud to serve in an advisory capacity for Partners for a Malaria Free Zambia, helping unite and coordinate the amazing teams and organizations bringing their all to this project. – Malaria Partners International (MPI)

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Our team presents on a wide range of topics to Rotary clubs and District and Zone Conferences. We address the basics of malaria, the details of our grants work, and the fight against malaria in the shadow of COVID-19.