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Only by Helping Each Other fight Malaria Can We Make The World Better

MPZ is committed to eradicating malaria in Zambia in collaboration with its partners

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Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia is proud to be featured in the December Edition of the Rotary Magazine

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Welcome to Malaria Partners Zambia

At Malaria Partners Zambia, we are proud to be part of a global movement with a profound mission: to ignite an international Rotarian campaign to end malaria. Our commitment to this vision extends far and wide, transcending borders and reaching communities all across Zambia. With over 4,000 trained Community Health Workers, our dedicated team is tirelessly working with our partners to eradicate malaria and improve healthcare access, ensuring a healthier future for all. Join us in this transformative journey as we unite to make malaria history, one community at a time. Together, we can create a world where health thrives, free from the burden of preventable diseases.


Our Services

Rotary members can make a big difference in the quest to eradicate malaria. That’s evident from your extraordinary work to end polio…



Rotarian Malaria Partners Zambia (RMPZ) is pursuing a Copperbelt Zambia malaria elimination project in cooperation with…


Small Grants

In 2013, Malaria Partners International began its Small Grants Program aimed at empowering Rotary Clubs in malaria endemic regions…


Annual Reports

No one can foresee the duration or severity of COVID’s human and economic toll. But the malaria global health community agrees it will…

Our Partners

The Zambian Government


The GoZ through the ministry of health…

PATH/MACEPA through the ministry of health…

World Vision


World Vision Int. through the ministry of health…

Malaria Partners International through MPZ will be…

Rotary Clubs through its affiliate local clubs…


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Our Recent Projects

    Announcing Rotary Healthy Communities Challenge

    admin September 29, 2023   Rotary International President, Gordon McInally, announced this weekend that, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and World Vision, Rotary is launching the Rotary Healthy Communities Challenge. This initiative will provide $30 million to combat malaria, diarrheal diseases, and respiratory infections, which are the leading causes of death among children under five years old, in four Sub-Saharan African countries: Zambia, Nigeria, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  “I…


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    Our team presents on a wide range of topics to Rotary clubs and District and Zone Conferences. We address the basics of malaria, the details of our grants work, and the fight against malaria in the shadow of COVID-19.

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